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    At Minimaxvideos, we build unique, customised videos that connect ideas to emotions, brands to audiences and helps to reach your destination.

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    Happy Clients

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    2D Animated Explainer video

    An animated video can be super effective when introducing a main character to help emphasize with the viewer’s point of view. We custom illustrate each character and develop an interesting story around him/her. Often times this character can take the form of your ideal customer, it’s a great way to relate to the audience. The typical length is 60-80 seconds.

    Mobile App Demo

    As an app owner or product manager it’s important to show how your mobile app works. Sure it’s intuitive and probably very easy to navigate. But, a video showing how to use key features is an important tool and can help reduce abandonment.

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    Corporate Video

    Animation is a hot trend on TV and in PreRoll ads. Our spots are great for TV or Online. We can produce these spots in any length, though most of our clients choose 15 or 30 seconds.

    3D Product Video

    Sometimes our clients don’t want whimsical cartoon characters and that’s ok. Though we love illustrating cartoon characters, we also love making sleek motion graphics and imagery that are the focal point in this style of video. Our team has the ability to mirror design platforms when showcasing a “high level” how it works video.

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    Awards & Recognitions

    What are Explainer Videos and its characteristics?

    It's an animated video type that is short and engaging. It is one of the video styles which is commonly used by organizations to explain their services or products to their audience. With this video style, you can easily tell your brand's story in an informative, friendly, quick, and fun way. These videos have the capability to improve your business revenue and acquire new leads.

    Easy to share

    Generate Buzz

    30 seconds or less

    Compelling CTA



    Why use Explainer Videos?

    Attract Audience

    Around 65-76% of consumers are OK with sharing branded videos which leads to more traffic. Our explainer videos will help you capture the attention of the audience, which further helps in building a deeper connection with the people.

    Boost sales

    The statistics show that 64% of businesses believe that explainer videos boost sales. Our great-looking and appealing explainer videos will help you to nurture existing ones and generate sales.

    Better Google Results

    As per statistics, websites with videos are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google. Our explainer videos are engaging, capture the audience's attention, and retain them on site for longer. More retention, better ranking, and higher conversion.


    Videos are one of the most cost-effective ways to give your target audience insight into your product/service. To get our appealing and informative explainer videos, you don't have to pay much.

    Saves time

    Video is the most preferred medium to share ideas and knowledge as it cannot be oversold. Our explainer videos will allow you to condense a lot of data in a short timeframe, which helps the audience in making the right decision.


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