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3D Explainer Video

Most animated explainer videos today have a flat, two- dimensional look. This 2D approach works really well for simplifying ideas or processes. But in some cases, it’s critical to add a third dimension: depth.

It can be tough to tell the difference between 2D animation and 3D animation. If you really want to get technical, it’s the difference between drawing 2D illustrations and creating 3D models. But the average viewer doesn’t care about all of that. They just know that 3D seems more sophisticated and visually richer.

That’s what makes 3D animation a powerful tool for explaining your product, service, or idea. By adding the third dimension, you can do things that 2D animation simply can’t. But along with the added benefit comes increased cost and complexity. So, it’s important to understand when the leap is worth it.

The 2 reasons to choose 3D


Seeing is believing. And there are some things you just need to see in 3D to really have the a-ha moment. Whether it’s an exploded view of your product or a 360-degree fly-around, animating in 3D gives your audience the perspective they need to truly understand what sets you apart.


Sometimes it’s not enough to just be clear. You also have to be cool. Sure, you want to show off your product or device, but you’ve got a certain brand perception to uphold. 3D animation has a wow factor that might not be possible in 2D animation or might be cost prohibitive in live action. That means you can deliver an epiphany moment and dazzle your audience.

Want to take your 3d video to the next level?

If you really want to blow your audience away and dial up the “wow” factor, 3D animation offers a world of possibilities. From immersive environments to full character animation to complex lighting and materials to realistic particle simulation, there are so many ways to grab people by the eyeballs and make it impossible for them to look away.

We love to working on these kinds of projects. And if that’s what you’re looking for, let’s set up a phone call to discuss the details. We’ll provide a custom bid that includes cost and timeline.

To better understand the different technical aspects that influence the overall price of 3D animated videos, download our 3D Explainer Video Product Guide below.

We strive for elegant design

Elegance is all about making things as simple as they can be and no simpler. Using 3D animation for your explainer video allows you to simplify things without making them appear simplistic.

Each step of our creative process, from story planning to scripting to visual style development to animation to sound design, builds towards communicating a crystal-clear message that utilizes the latest 3D technologies.

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